Vladimir Stefanovic
Nano Server – Datacenter’s future



One of the most important new things and improvements in Windows Server 2016 is Nano Server. If you want to implement infrastructure services such as Hyper-V, Hyper-V cluster, Web Server or Scale-Out File Servers (SOFSs), and all of that without UI and with small footprint, you can say “Welcome Nano”

About the speaker

Vladimir Stefanovic is MCT and System Engineer with 10 years experience in IT industry. During his IT career, he worked in all spheres IT administration, from IT technician to current Sys Engineer/Trainer position. Last two years he is employed as a Trainer/Sys Engineer in IT company from Belgrade, SuperAdmins (www.superadmins.com) and their edu center Admin Training Center (www.atc.rs).
Last year was one of the speakers on MCT Summit in Germany and he is Leader for IAMCT – Serbia.