Tiago Costa
Introduction to GitHub for MCTs



With the rapid changes in product features and UI that we face today, Microsoft Learning decided to move some of its course contents like lab instructions into GitHub. This provides then with the ability to make frequent updates to the course content to keep it current with the related product. As an MCT we can submit a pull request to the code or content in the GitHub repro and then Microsoft will validate it.
In this session we will check what is GitHub and how you, as an MCT, can submit chan

About the speaker

Tiago Costa is an IT Consultant in Microsoft Technologies. For the past 15 years he has been architecting and developing solutions for clients using Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, .Net and SQL Server. He has a strong real world experience and regularly teaches Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, .Net and SQL Server classes across Europe and other worldwide locations.
Tiago detains several Microsoft Certifications and he is also MCT – Microsoft Certified Trainer. In 2013 he was nominated MCT RL