George Dobrea
Advanced Persistent Threats: is democratization underway?



They are no longer perpetrated by State sponsored groups only but now also by cybercriminal organizations like Carbanak, Metel, or GCMAN. In such context what are their possible evolutions and modus operandi? Which critical information systems are more targeted in an organization?
Automatization, AI, behavioral analysis….what are the solutions to block the APT style attacks, and how to implement them so as to be able to react quickly on this type of threats ?

About the speaker

Founder and CEO of Xeduco Learning Institute, George Dobrea is an IT security expert and a well-known technical instructor delivering around the world consultancy and training programs for military, commercial or public organizations. Awarded by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Cloud and Datacenter Security and by EC-Council as the Instructor of The Year 2016, he’s a popular speaker at technical conferences including Microsoft Ignite, TechED and Hacker Halted USA.