Erwin Derksen
Add a bit of ZEN to make you a much better presenter!



Presenting is an important skill, especially for trainers. In this session i will give you top tips to make every presentation better and more memorable. How do you prepare, design and deliver presentations? How to make cool slides? How to become more relaxed on stage? I learned a lot in the past years due to Presentation ZEN trainigns and experience and like to share my knowledge with my fellow MCT’s, cause i believe everyone can benefit. Let;s get rid of death by PowerPoint

About the speaker

Since 1999 in IT – Founded DerkIT in 2017- Practical – Simplifier – Likes sharing knowledge – Projects and changes only – Has also a technical focus – Acts as bridge between business and technology – Guides complex decisions and reduces them to the essence – Believes that humor, clarity, and simplicity are important.